Saturday, September 15, 2012

On a Particularly Bad Day...

With GP, there are always good days and bad days. Unfortunately you can't predict them, and they have an uncanny ability to occur on days where you actually have to be productive. The bad days, for lack of a better term, blow. Constant, annoying nausea that refuses to wane even with the aid of two anti-emetics. Tiredness, weakness, irritability, and quite often, a good puke or three.

I've had the lucky ability to have about 4 bad days in a row this week. I've considered not eating to save my throat from puking, but I have about 6 hours of actual work on Monday, and I need to fill up on energy this weekend. So, puking aside, I've been pretty down and pissy.

Also-Stanford is playing USC right now and without Andrew Luck as quarterback I'm terrified we're going to lose. No faith in the new QB yet. I HATE when Stanford loses. Talk about bad days...those are the absolute worst.

So, because I've been moping around all day, I had the bright idea to come up with some instagram goodness of things that do make me happy. It'll be nice to have a virtual pick me up available whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Regardless, Stanford had better win.

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